Rural idyll

22nd October 2016

This last week saw me spend three days dodging cow pats in farmers fields and with some patience, waiting for clouds to pass. that said, the weather for mid October was exceptional really – very warm and pleasant.

This was a visit to a quiet relatively unspoilt corner of Wales around Llanfair Caereinion and the Afon Banwy. A rural idyll through which a narrow gauge railway runs and unlike the others in Wales, it served a rural community rather than the heavier industries such as slate.

Unfortunately, this was to be its downfall, the small farming communities it passed by could not support the running of the railway, with the passenger service only running from 1903 to 1931. The goods traffic survived longer until 1956.

Thankfully, the railway has survived as it passed in to preservation to become a tourist attraction.

So last week saw recreations of the railway’s past, firstly heading back to the freight only days of British Railways in the early 1950’s and then a hark back to the 1920’s as the passenger days.