Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways
05th March 2017
And so it is that time of year, following on from the previous photographic contributions including the Welsh Highland Railway 2015 leaflet and display image, I am pleased to announce that the 2017 leaflet features one of my images on the cover.

Whrtt2017 1

In addition to this the front cover of the 2017 Calendar features

Rural idyll
22nd October 2016

This last week saw me spend three days dodging cow pats in farmers fields and with some patience, waiting for clouds to pass. that said, the weather for mid October was exceptional really – very warm and pleasant.

This was a visit to a quiet relatively unspoilt corner of Wales around Llanfair Caereinion and the Afon Banwy. A rural idyll through which a narrow gauge railway runs and unlike the others in Wales, it served a rural community rather than the heavier industries such as slate.

Unfortunately, this was to be its downfall, the small farming communities it passed by could not support the running of the railway, with the passenger service only running from 1903 to 1931. The goods traffic survived longer until 1956.

Thankfully, the railway has survived as it passed in to preservation to become a tourist attraction.

So last week saw recreations of the railway’s past, firstly heading back to the freight only days of British Railways in the early 1950’s and then a hark back to the 1920’s as the passenger days.

Thought provoking
22nd October 2016

Back in September, I embarked on a crazy weekend which involved a 728 miles round trip in 47 hours which took me to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum, East Kirkby for the opportunity to photograph a Lancaster bomber at night.

Backed up by some resilient and patient re-enactors, the scene was set to create some thought provoking images.

As was all too often the case during WW2. airmen, young men, would head out east over the North Sea never to return

The RAF lost a total of 55,573 killed out of a total of 125,000 aircrew: a death rate of almost 45% percent. 8,403 were wounded in combat & 9,838 became prisoners of war.

Steam Railway Issue No.452
02nd April 2016
Feeling very pleased to have finally had an image published

Taken during the West Somerset Railway Spring Gala March 2016, reviving memories of the Somerset & Dorset Railway

A Night to Remember
21st February 2016
After a very grey damp day with misty rain swirling about, finally and as per the weather forecast, it started to lift as the daylight came to an end. And so to an evening's photography at Buckfastleigh Station on the South Devon Railway.

A splendid time capsule of a long lost branch line station on the Great Western Railway was created on the platform. The station's mood was transformed as the dark descended and the lights came on

Both images available as prints at The Shed Gallery (Opens link in new window)
Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways
16th January 2016
Following on from the photographic contribution to the Welsh Highland Railway 2015 leaflet and display image, watch out for this year's contribution...

Prints now available at The Shed Gallery
01st January 2016
Images are now available for print either on aluminium dibond or as a glossy print in various sizes through The Shed Gallery (Opens link in new window)
Welsh Highland Railway Leaflet 2015
01st February 2015
The Welsh Highland Railway leaflet for 2015 will feature this image

South West Coast 2014 Calendar Competition Results
07th March 2013
South West Coast Path 2014 Calendar Competition Results

I am pleased to announce that one of my images features as one of the eleven runners up in the calendar

Landscape & Wildlife Photography Magazine March 2013
06th March 2013

My image of Gull Rock at Trebarwith Strand has featured in Issue 25 March 2013 edition of Landscape & Wildlife Photography magazine.
Cornwall Traditional Cottages Photo Competition 2012
25th August 2012

My image will now be used on the front cover of the 2013 Brochure for Cornish Traditional Cottages
Cornish Traditional Cottages Brochure
04th August 2012
Also advised that my entry will feature within the brochure, irrespective of the Photo Competition result.
Cornwall Traditional Cottages Photo Competition 2012
04th August 2012

My entry has been shortlisted, results announced at the end of August.
20 Inspiring Images of Long Exposures
15th May 2012
Just found out that one of my images has been selected for the “20 Inspiring Images of Long Exposures” collection at Landscape Photography magazine.

Cornwall Today
23rd April 2011

Just found out today that I have had this photo published in the May 2011 edition of Cornwall Today magazine. 'Readers Photograph of the Month' and now goes forward to the public vote later in the year for 'Readers Photograph of 2011'
Images available through Alamy
18th April 2011
A selection of images are now available through Alamy.
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