Daryl Hutchinson

I'm lucky to be based in Cornwall, a county bounded by around 300 miles of coastline. As a result, it is a county inexorably connected with the sea, from fishing and trading to smuggling and wrecking. It is, also, a county rich in industrial and archaeological heritage, an ancient land formed of ancient rocks, shaped by the elements and with it's own very distinctive history, myths and folklore.

It is this uniqueness that has inspired me to photograph the county, in the hope of capturing it's essence.

Arvor Photography got its name from the Cornish for coast - 'Arvor'.

But, whilst I adore Cornwall, I also love to photograph anything that exists in the 'Natural World' and Britain certainly has a wide variety of nature, something we should all be aware of and protect as best we can.

Photographic Background
Photography has been a passion of mine for longer than I care to remember, I started with a point and shoot camera but soon progressed to my trusty Zenit-E, and learned with a friend by reading various photography magazines, practising the techniques that caught our eye and plain simple experimentation. Since the dawn of the digital age, I have become more serious regards the images that are produced.

So here I am a self taught photographer, I hope you enjoy looking as much I did taking these images.

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